The Event

The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy is organizing the conference “The Digital Services Factory Way: Faster, Smarter, Simpler digital citizen services”, on 1st of March 2022, at 09:00am, at Hilton Nicosia.


This conference is an introduction to the Digital Services Factory (DSF), a foundational, ‘game-changing’ initiative that re-frames the way public services are being delivered in a faster, smarter and scalable way, maximizing impact for government, citizens and businesses alike.

A vital component of Cyprus’ Digital Agenda, the DSF project is implemented by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID), in collaboration with the Government Digital Services (GDS) of the United Kingdom. Experts from GDS will be joining the DMRID Team in a series of interactive discussions aimed at presenting to the ICT industry the government’s new citizen-centric approach to delivering digital services based on user needs, openness and transparency, setting the foundations for an elevated, more relevant and more efficient public-private partnership.

The agenda will focus on the process of revalidating the Ministry’s enterprise architecture, competencies and service delivery model, and more specifically, on the Procurement Framework and Digital Service Standards Guidance, which support standardization of methodology and delivery across Government, in an effort to ensure uniformity and consistency and enable the private sector to actively participate in accelerating digitization of better, simpler and more user-friendly services.



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